"Omicron Update #10"

(NPR Tiny Desk Contest) "You Still Belong"

"I Drink in a Garden"

"I Drink in a Garden" is an unreleased studio single. Recorded at The Melrose Center, it was selected for a compilation of Orlando-area music to benefit the one-and-only Wills Pub. Coming VERY soon...

"When We Get Outta Here" EP

When We Get Outta Here, our new EP of 7 songs of confinement is now out! Here is the YouTube video with all tracks, including "Wear A Fn Mask #WAFM" co-written by Kevin Meehan an dRichard Eastman. Also, make sure to check out the two shimmering re-mixes from Billy Geoghegan at Pinky's Quarantine Compound and a cast of amazing players who collaborated remotely from Austin, Boulder, Madison, and Queens. Track info details are in the video. Pandemic connections, people!

"When We Get Outta Here" Single

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