Step right on up....

Welcome to the Sugar City Sideshow, see and hear songwriting in its rawest format... 

This is our acoustic Americana workshop, where we debut new material, showcase unplugged versions of previous releases, and take you behind the scenes of collaborations and other works in progress.


This coming summer, lead singer Kevin Meehan is hitting the acoustic circuit with Billy G, known for his work with Contra Coup, The Stingers, ATX and as a music doer who has helped countless acts (including Sugar City!) develop everything from studio recordings and record releases to video production, live performance, and booking tours.  Check out some of the work Kevin and Billy will be bringing to European cafes, pubs, and maybe even a festival or two in June, 2018. 


"Falling from the Edge"

"Book of Rules" (cover)

"The Same"

Press Photos